Nov 22, 2019 By NetFin

China has become a unique and special market. The way of doing advertising here differs in some ways from the rest of the World. For the past 5 years the rise of Chinese influencers, or Key Opinion Leader (KOL) marketing has changed completely the way some brands send a message and communicate with their consumers.

KOL have a huge power in consumer’s purchase decision. Contrary to other countries, Chinese consumers check the reviews of a product made by other consumers and follow recommendation of KOL they follow. For them word of mouth is more important than any other type of advertising.

KOL start to gain importance in China as a result of scandals resulting from brands bringing fake products. Chinese KOL often try and recommend products. They will never advertise a product they don’t trust or like as their reputation is on the line.

Contrary to the occidental World, the best way for you to sell your product is to have a good Chinese KOL talk about your product and recommend it. KOL marketing in China is one of the best ways to promote your product or to create brand awareness now a days.

Chinese KOL tariffs differ greatly depending on the amount of followers they have, the industry they are, and the amount of advertisings they accept per month. But if you have a reasonable budget it will be a good idea to allow some of it for a good Chinese KOL.

Always remember to check the references and follow the KOL you want to target before you commit with him/her. There could be some fake KOLs that might seem very attractive. So make sure to check his work first.

A great platform to use Chinese KOL is WeChat. It provides great results and followers. If you want to promote your brand using Chinese influencers, you must approach KOLs that are on the right platform for your brand, and look for Chinese KOL with good quality of fans rather than a big quantity of them.

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