If you want to enter Chinese market, speaking their language is the first step. What you need is culturally appropriately translated content which drives conversions.

In China, there might be many different languages and dialects (Shanghaiese, Cantonese and many others) but everybody uses one common written language called Simplified Chinese.

This simplified Chinese is also commonly used in Singapore and Malaysia.

In Hong Kong and Taiwan, the written language used is called Traditional Chinese.

Our translators have knowledge in both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

It could be interesting for some websites to have the “China” version and the “Hong Kong / Taiwan” version as targeted key words and search engines will be different.

Our team of translators is very experienced in different type of Industries vocabulary.

Our Translation services includes:

  • Translation of websites
  • Reviewing and editing existing translations
  • Translation of Social Media Contents like WeChat or Sina Weibo articles
  • Translation of Newsletters
  • Drafting and translating Email contents for Direct Emailing campaigns
  • Translating reports generated from Baidu TongJi
  • Helping you to understand Customer Service queries by translating into English those queries and translating back into Chinese your reply.

Features of our Translation services

  • We do not only translate but also conduct research on your brand and business
  • We work with local experienced copywriter to make sure everything is in line with local market (China local marketing)
  • We have standardized proofreading process to ensure high quality of work delivery
  • We specialize in Simplified and Traditional Chinese translation

Good Translation = Business Credibility

  • Correct translation enables your customers to know your business
  • Good translation on marketing materials assists all your digital activities and strategy
  • Successful web copy translation conveys meaningful and conversational messages
  • Targeted translation helps establishing better relationships with consumers in various context
  • High quality translation is important for business commercial credibility


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