Why Netfin Marketing ?

The Story of Netfin Marketing

  • When?

    NetFin Marketing was set up in 2013.

  • Where?

    We are based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen (South China).

  • Who?

    *Our technical team works out of Shenzhen.

    This team has excellent knowledge about Internet marketing in China and very good relationship with most Chinese platforms.

    *Our commercial and admin team is based in Hong Kong.

    This is the bridge for our clients between the Western and Chinese business practices.

  • How?

    In order to deliver, most important for us is to understand your objectives.

    From there, we will propose a strategy to promote you in China and the best digital marketing tools in China to achieve your goals.

    We have specialists in:

    *localization in Chinese

    *China SEO

    *China SEM

    *China e-commerce

    *Payment methods in China.

    *Chinese Social Media Marketing


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