Why a Chinese specific Payment System is so important?

How to be paid securely and smoothly is something that foreign businesses, which want to enter China market, should take into consideration, particularly when you do Internet business.

Credit Cards are more and more commonly used in China but fail to be a major payment method as that is only used by a slight minority.

It is very important for foreign websites wishing to enter China market and targeting China consumers to be able to offer popular China payment methods.

In a word, China Internet shoppers are big fans of China specific payment systems. Forget about PayPal, Skrill, Visa or Master Cards… In China, there are at least 20 different such platforms. And, 95% of payments online are made using Chinese Payment Systems like Alipay (or Zhifubao in Chinese), TenPay (or WeChat Pay), Lakala, Suning Pay, Baofu.com, ChinaPnR, Hebao (NFC) or China Union Pay.

Choosing and implementing a China Payment System?

Step 1: Identifying the best China payment system for your Chinese website

  • Do you have a business license in China or not?
  • What is the most commonly used Chinese payment system in your business?
  • What are your requirements for the process of a transaction?


Step 2: Registration

  • Registration of a merchant account with your own contact details
  • Assistance in the Verification process
  • Following up the all registration process


Step 3: Integration of the payment system on your website

  • Integrating Alipay APIs to implement Alipay services
  • Technical support on other payment system APIs
  • After successful integration, complete set of testing



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