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Brief reminder about what is Wechat?

  • Wechat is a mobile application
  • It is the Chinese equivalent of the combination of Facebook + Twitter + Whatsapp + Ebay + Paypal
  • Weixin (the Chinese name for Wechat) is the most popular social media platform in China
  • It belongs to Tencent conglomerate


How do people in China use Wechat?

  • Wechat is a messenger application (WhatsApp style) where they chat or talk with family, friends, colleague, business partners
  • Wechat Pay is the main Chinese online payment system (like Paypal and Alipay) where they can pay almost everything even taxi ride, doctor consultation and of course China e commerce purchases
  • Wechat is a social media network where you can exchange photos, video and information (like Facebook and Twitter)
  • Every company has an Official Wechat account and does Wechat digital Marketing for promoting their activities


Different types of Wechat accounts

  • Personal Account
    • You apply with you own name
    • You can use a China ID or a foreign passport for the registration
    • You can use to chat with friends and contacts
    • In certain countries, you can bind it to a bank account and process payment with Wechat Pay


  • Personal Subscription Account
    • You apply with your own name
    • You can only use a China ID for the registration
    • You can use it to chat but also for promoting an activitiy as you will be able to have your own page with a menu tool bar


  • Official Service Account
    • You apply with a Company Business License and a ID
      • If your Company doesn’t have a China Business License, you will apply for a Wechat International Official Service Account
      • If your company is registered in China, you will apply for a Wechat Official Service Account
    • You can use to promote your business in China through its mini site function (like a mini-website) , through regular newsletter, through Wechat advertising and much more


  • Official Subscription Account
    • You apply with a China Company Business License and a China ID
    • It is a good tool for a company or a brand that has a lots of news to share
    • Unlike Wechat Official Service Account, you don’t appear on the home page of the Wechat of your followers but in the sub-folder “Subscription”


What is an Official Wechat account for a foreign company?

  • If you have a company registered from a country outside China, you can apply for a Wechat International Official Account
  • You are able to have a dedicated QR code
  • You are able to have a menu tool bar for your mini-site, introducing what most of your Chinese website is showing but in a more simple way
  • You can do Marketing on Wechat and especially Wechat Ads



How to make good Wechat Business Development using your Official account?

  • The QR code will be an excellent O2O marketing took: you can use this QR code on your website, emails, business cards, booth, and shops as this is a very powerful tool for your marketing in China


  •  The menu tool bar for your mini site will be more efficient than your Chinese website as more Chinese people check information on Wechat than on internet

  • You can send information about your company, your products, and events through regular newsletter that all your followers will receive directly on the main home page of their Wechat
  • You can interact with your followers
  • You can create Group Chat with your colleagues, suppliers, service provider and clients
  • You can do advertising on Wechat, especially through Wechat Banner Ads and Wechat Moment Ads


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