How to track your Baidu performances?

Apr 27, 2017 By NetFin

Traffic from Baidu PPC has been considered a pain when using Google Analytics to track website performance. Most basic GA users treat Baidu Paid Search traffic as Baidu Organic, while advanced users seperate them by adding UTM code on each landing page of Baidu PPC ads, which however is very labor intensive, especially when online marketers commit more investment on Baidu other ads, including Baidu Brandzone, Baidu Affiliate and Remarketing etc. The good news is that Baidu Analytics (Tongji) recently upgrades its capability in separating the traffic source. On the page of Traffic Source, one more button “Separating Baidu PPC traffic from Organic”has been added after “Source of Media Type” and “Source of Domain”. With that feature, you can separate Baidu PPC from Organic by just checking the box. Once that is done, you can get Search Engine Report and Keywords Report with separated Baidu source data. You can also drill down the Baidu Ads traffic report to see the traffic breakdown in Baidu Paid Search, Baidu Affiliate and Baidu Brandzone. This feature is really helpful in strengthening Baidu Analytics positioning as the leading Web Analytics tool in China, and we will see more websites will add Baidu Tongji tracking code along with Google Analytics.      

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