Why is China SEO important?

May 15, 2017 By NetFin

About China SEO
Search Engine Optimization in China has the same fundamentals as the SEO for the rest of the world but it carries 2 specificity:
1) it should be carried in Chinese language
2) the main search engine is not Google (blocked in China) but Baidu
SEO Services in China includes different steps:
Step 1: onsite optimization
This includes the Meta fields in Chinese, the SiteMap in Chinese, the URLs optimizations of each webpage of a website, the Robots files but the optimization of the contents using few targeted keywords.
This step is important for making the website well structured , recognizable and indexed on main China search engines like Baidu , Sogou or 360 Qihoo
It is a bit like after writing a book (designing a website), we have organized the story of this book into a Table of Contents (the SiteMap), with good titles for each chapters (the URLs and Meta description)
Step 2: key words ranking optimization
The website being well structured and indexed on Baidu, we will work on having the website ranked on 1st page of Baidu for some targeted key words.
This work is done mainly by doing some efficient Link Building in China, publishing articles and direct links to your website on some healthy and already well referenced websites
Healthy websites meaning having a good Page Ranking (PR) (graded from 0 to 10) , a good Baidu Ranking (BR) (from 0 to 10) , a Page Authority (PA) (from 0 to 100 and a Domain Authority (from 0 to 100)
The higher the rank, the most expensive the link on the target website is so it is important to find a good ratio Rank / Price
Link building in China requires a good knowledge of main Media, Directory or different industry websites in China and good relationship with webmasters of those websites.
Why is China SEO important?
You might have a good indexation on Google, it doesn’t mean you will have a good indexation on Baidu.
Baidu SEO , Sogou SEO or 360 SEO will help to be organically ranked on top pages of those China Search Engines.
A good China SEO will help your website to be ranked organically high on major China Search Engines.
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