Nov 15, 2019 By NetFin

What is a Wechat Official Account?

It enables you to have:

  • as many followers as you want
  • your own mini-site with a menu tool bar
  • sending newsletters to your followers
  • the possibility to do some Wechat Digital marketing and especially advertising on Wechat platform


It is really a very efficient marketing tool those days in China.

Wechat Official Account is also called Wechat Business Account.



Can an Individual have a Wechat Official Account?


An individual can have a Wechat personal account with similar functionalities as WhatsApp and Paypal.

An Invidual can also have Wechat Official Subscription Account, that will allow him to have its own mini-site and accept followers. The main requirement for this is to have a Chinese Identification Card.



Can a Foreign Individual have a Wechat Official Account?


Since one of the main requirement being to have a China ID card, a foreign individual can’t have a Wechat Official Account.


Can a Foreign Company have a Wechat Official Account?


The type of account that a foreign company can apply for is Wechat International Official Service Account.

There is an application process that takes around 1 month, few documents and information will be asked to be shown and there will be few verifications test by phone and email from Wechat team.



How to set up a Wechat Business Account for a Foreign Company?

Few information and documents are asked by the Wechat team:

Information required about your COMPANY:

  • Business license copy
  • Short description of the Company
  • Office landline phone number
  • Company website


Information required about the LEGAL PERSON:

  • Passport copy
  • Clear Color photograph or scan of the business card (front and back)


Information required about the CONTACT PERSON:

  • Passport copy
  • Email address
  • Personal Wechat Account number
  • Phone number
  • Mobile phone number bill of the last 3 month


WECHAT Official Account:

  • Suggested Wechat Official Account name
  • Brief description


Once provided those documents, Tencent (company owning Wechat) will process with few verifications through phone and emails in order to finish your Wechat Official Account set up.

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