Feb 18, 2020 By NetFin


FINTECH industry has been very popular in the past 3 years in the World but in particularly in China.

Blockchain, Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Bitcoin, cryptocurrency have all attracted a lot of attention among Chinese investors … too much attention!

Lots of scam happened especially in some ICO where a lot of money from small investors totally vanished.

That forced Chinese authorities not to regulate but to ban most of it.

ICO promoter, Blockchain start-up used to make a lot of promotion on Chinese platforms like Wechat, Sina Weibo , QQ and others.

Chinese regulators have banned a lot of keywords related to cryptocurrency, Bitcoin , ICO on social media which means that:

  • Any content carrying those terms were automatically blocked
  • Any company in this industry was banned from having a social media official account


Only the keyword “blockchain” was not black listed and selectively accepted.

Therefore nowadays, when you want to promote a FINTECH project in China, the options are limited.

One option is to create and manage group chatting on QQ groups where topic can be around blockchain.

Another option is to use the platform for posting quality content about the industry.

Note that the contents must be of high quality and rather informative, otherwise they will be not accepted by the team of this platform.



One other option is to use KOL Marketing in China.

The best Chinese Influencers in Fintech are on Sina Weibo.

Posting content on a Wechat KOL has a lot of chance to be banned whereas Sina Weibo is less strict on the topic.

When choosing this Chinese influencers on Sina Weibo , it is important to make a good audit of each of them as many have fake followers and to follow on the number of readers , comments and interactions.


NetFin Marketing team can assist you in conducting a KOL Marketing campaign to promote your Fintech project in China.



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