What is KuaiShou?

Mar 12, 2021 By NetFin

– It is a China short video and livestreaming application with 776 millions monthly active users, mostly in China.

– It is not yet as popular as its more famous competitor DouYin (600 Miooion daily users) but it is growing at a fast pace.

– The main differences between KuaiShou and DouYin / Tiktok:

*Users: KuaiShou users tend to be younger, less cosmopolitan and less educated than the ones of DouYin, which makes it more difficult to monetize through Advertising in the China Digital Marketinglandscal


~In short , Kuaishou is more quantitative that DouYin and Douyin is more quantitative than Kuaishou; a bit like Weibo vs Wechat

~Kuaishou’s philosophy focuses more on targeting as many people as possible, whereas Douyin focuses on providing the most engaging and stimulating content

~Kuaishou focuses on encouraging interaction between content providers and viewers when Douyin focuses more on building loyalty to the platform.

-Tencent presently owns over 20% of KaiShou

It is going IPO on Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 5th February 2021 in one of the largest IPOs of the past few years.


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