What is SOGOU?

  • Sogou means “searching dog” in Chinese
  • It is the number 2 Chinese Search Engine
  • In 2018, over 7% of online search are done through SOGOU
  • The URL is www.sogou.com

Google vs SOGOU?

  • SOGOU Tongji is the equivalent of Google Analytics
  • SOGOU Zhishu is the equivalent of Google Trends
  • SOGOU Xuri is the equivalent of Google Adwords

What is SOGOU PPC?

  • SOGOU PPC means SOGOU Pay Per Click
  • It is the equivalent of Bing Ads or Google Adwords

Why SOGOU PPC can be so important for your business in China?

  • Being the number 2 Chinese Search Engine still means a lot because of the size of the country
  • It can be a good complement to a Baidu PPC campaign
  • It is easier to register an account on Sogou PPC than on Baidu PPC : therefore it is a good option for sensitive industry like Education, Medical or Finance
  • It is a very efficient way to drive traffic to your Chinese website

How can Netfin Marketing assist you on SOGOU PPC?

  • Registering and setting up your Sogou account, using our experience and good contacts at Sogou Corporation
      Do you know that you can apply for a Sogou PPC account without having a company in China?
  • Managing and optimizing your Sogou PPC campaign, assisting you in understanding the specificity of the platform
      Do you know that the analytics platform, equivalent of Google Analytics, is called Sogou Tongji?
      Do you know that the Cost Per Click is usually lower on Sogou than on Baidu?
  • A clear Monthly reporting in English to follow the performance of the campaign
       Do you know that Sogou Tongji and other Baidu services platforms only have Chinese version?

Quick Tips for optimizing your PPC campaign?

  • Be clear with your objectives: is increasing the number of clicks on your Chinese website? Is it increasing the number of online inquiries about your products?
  • Make it a clear call-to-action : you want to make sure the traffic driven to your website can be converted
  • Chinese internet users are very big user of live chat customer service: it might be very valuable to provide such a China Customer Service

Requirements for registering a SOGOU PPC account

  • Set up Fee : 1,000 CNY  (payable to Sogou)
  • Advertising Budget Deposit : 5,000 CNY  (payable to Sogou)
  • Website: must be translated in Simplified Chinese and a clear “About Us” and “Contact Us”
  • Documents:
    – Business Registration Certificate , translated in Chinese, signed and chopped
    – Banking details
    – Screenshot of the Home Page of your Chinese website (signed and chopped)
  • Sensitive industries : Medical , Finance , Education , Media , Betting

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